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    The partner of your projects from study to finished product.


    Stamping Company

    Bazaille Stamping provide pressworking services for small, medium and large runs. We produce progressive press tools, cutting tools, also known as Swiss tools (exclusively reserved for cutting and punching) and recovery or prototyping press tools.

    The pressings we produce allow our customers to make miniature electric motors used in the medical, household appliance and aerospace sectors. The technical pressings with bends are used in the luxury goods industry as well as other markets and sectors.

    Our History



    The BAZAILLE Stamping company was founded


    M.and Mrs COROTTE bought the company located in Les Auxons (FR). The company was renting a 600m² (6,450 sq. ft) premises.


    Hiring of an apprentice in the tooling department to ensure the transfer of the know-how, the knowledge and the technical skills and to prepare for the future, while respecting the strong transmission core value which is at the heart of the company’s management.


    BAZAILLE Stamping invested in a new 800m² (8,600 sq.ft) building in Marnay (FR).


    Investment in a new 40T Yamada high precision and high-speed press
    Investment in a new PERFECT PFG-25 TMO surface grinding machine


    Investment in a new AWEA 3-Axis CNC machining center
    Investment in a new FANUC Wire cut EDM machine
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    Technical Expertise

    With a multidisciplinary culture in pressworking, the two new managers complement each other in the fields of cutting and business management.

    Dominique COROTTE is specialised in creating and designing cutting tools, in developing products and in resolving technical problems to best meet the needs of our customers.
    This knowledge was gained during 30 years of professional experience producing new tools and maintaining existing tools as a tool room manager for two pressworking companies, which also allowed him to acquire a great deal of experience in management.

    Christine COROTTE specialises more in the assembly and the adjustment of tools on presses and production management as well as continuously improving productivity and implementing a document management system.
    This knowledge was acquired through 25 years of professional experience in the pressworking industry as technician and also as manager of a production business unit.

    This allows the company to ensure quick delivery times and to rapidly put in place new runs for our customers.

    Our production tool

    Pressworking Stamping/Embossing Surface grinding Prototyping